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“Are your moving boxes brand new?”

YES! All of our moving boxes are brand new and of the best quality.

”Why is box strength important?”

Moving boxes come in all sizes, shapes, densities and strengths. The stronger the box, the greater protection it provides for all your valuable, personal items. Professional movers use moving boxes that are at least 32 ECT (or 200lb test) in strength. These numbers are standard in the moving box industry. Weaker boxes don’t provide adequate protection and crush under a fairly insignificant weight load. BEWARE of retailers that sell much weaker (by 45%) 150lb test moving boxes and call them “moving boxes”. These boxes should not be used for moving and were actually designed for light-weight usage.

“How do I know how strong my box is?”

If you look on the bottom flap of the moving box, there will be a seal printed by the manufacturer certifying the box’s strength. 200lb test weight or 32 ECT is the industry standard for moving boxes. Larger boxes like wardrobe and kitchen boxes should be even stronger yet.

“Is size important?”

Yes, size matters, but only in the sense of manageability. Many moving companies sell large moving boxes that are intended for use by large men and professional movers. Based on client demand, we offer boxes that are slightly smaller and much more manageable. Most of our customers are self-movers and get along better with the slightly smaller boxes. Size is important, but also keep in mind how you pack the box is just as important. The number one cause of damage during a move is a box that is not packed correctly. Empty space in a box creates room for movement and problems.

“Is is okay to use used moving boxes?”

Keep in mind that moving boxes tend to get weak when they are reused, and are ruined when they get wet. One of the biggest concerns is the side of the box where the seam is glued because over time this seam becomes weak and unreliable. If you choose to use used moving boxes, you should carefully inspect them before you start packing. WE DO NOT SELL USED BOXES.

“Are your boxes high quality?”

Yes! Our boxes actually test over the 200lb test industry standard and are more than tough enough even for shipping! The kitchen and wardrobe boxes that we offer are twice that of the industry standard in strength.

“How can you ship for free?”

FedEx and UPS shipping rates are very expensive, but we keep our costs down by shipping from close vicinities and shipping in bulk amounts. This makes things better for our customers because delivery time is faster and your boxes arrive in better condition.

“How do you choose the box sizes you offer?”

We value the opinion of our customers and pay close attention to their thoughts and feedback. That is how we came up with our sizes. We then bundle these moving boxes into kits and bundles so they are easy and convenient for you to purchase.

“Are your boxes guaranteed?”

They certainly are! If you purchase our moving boxes or moving supplies and are not completely satisfied, you can return them within ten days of receipt for a refund. You are only responsible for arranging and paying for the return shipping.

“Do you sell other moving boxes and moving supplies?”

No. All of our products are listed on this website. We do not carry any other size moving boxes or any additional moving supplies.

“Do you special order products?”

No. We do not do any custom orders. We buy all of our inventory in bulk to keep costs down for our customers.

“Can I pick-up my order?”

No. We operate out of a warehouse to keep costs down for our customers. We can't accommodate and are not setup for pickups at the warehouse.

“Can I get a refund?”

Refund Policy.